Categories: from video work and book work

Categories: from video work and book work



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50 Categories




As an ongoing layer of work, I am adding links related to the category images that might be of interest to viewers re: litter, garbage, recycling, art and more.

You'll be able to click on the images to go to a web article or video [ to return to this '50 Ways to Leave Your Litter' page use your browser's 'go back' button]. The following category images currently have an embedded link:

Category 1, Category 6, Category 10, Category 13, Category 20, Category 21, Category 17, Category 19, Category 23, Category 43, Category 45

I will continue to add links of interest, so keep an eye out for updates on this page. And thanks to interested viewers who have suggested links!! Appreciated!!

Other news articles and sites of interest

Excessive packaging dangerous, frustrating for consumers: Poll

Reuse: The Road to Salvation

Residents urged to reduce the 'garbage mountain'

Household waste down, recycling up across Nova Scotia
Note this interesting statistic in the article:
Nova Scotia’s disposal rate is 47 per cent lower than the national average"

I've seen so much litter ...
[note the interesting ideas in this article!]

The Litter Prevention Program

Clean Team

Landfill Harmonic

Canadian Garbage
Trash gathering Canadians help with Hong Kong's 'crisis'

Sustainability Rebuilding Exchange

Books of interest:

RUBBISH! The Archaeology of Garbage. What Our Garbage Tells Us About Ourselves by William Rathje & Cullen Murphy

GONE TOMORROW The Hidden Life of Garbage by Heather Rogers

Art & Design related links:

Ditches, beaches and woods: Where designers go to forage Globe and Mail

Giving Castoffs a Second Life New York Times

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